Phaenocoma prolifera






prolifera – meaning ‘to grow in number rapidly’

Common name:

Cape everlasting, Rooisewejaartjie, Strooiblommetjie

Vulnerability Index Score:



September to March

Insects, Seeder


Least concern

What does the plant look like?

Phaenocoma prolifera is a woody shrub with a single stem that grows up to 1.2 metres tall. It has tiny, densely-packed grey- green leaves on short side branches.

What are the flowers like?

The flower heads are bright pink and feel papery.The flower fades to white as it ages. It flowers between September and March.

How does it reproduce?

Phaenocoma prolifera is visited by a variety of insect species (generalist insect-pollination system).

Where is it found?

It grows in acid sand from the Cape Peninsula to Bredasdorp. It is found from sea level to 1500 metres above sea level.

How is it used?

It is used in the dried-flower industry.


[Red List: Least Concern]

Phaenocoma prolifera has a single stem that does not resprout and therefore new plants must grow from seed. It can easily be killed if it is picked when too young, like all plants that regenerate from seeds after fire.