Leucadendron rubrum






rubrum – meaning ‘red’

Common name:

Spinning Top


August and September

Seeder, Wind


What does the plant look like?

Leucadendron rubrum is an upright shrub with a single stem that grows up to 2.5 metres tall.The male plants are bushier and have smaller leaves than the female plants. Leaves are covered with silver- white hairs when soft and young. Older leaves lose most of the hairs and are green-grey in colour.

What are the flowers like?

Male flower heads are very small (about 11 mm long) and bright yellow. Female flower heads form a cone about 40 mm long.The bracts that form the cone are a colourful mix of yellow, green, blue and red. The yellow stigmas (female parts) stick out at the top of the cone in a tuft. Plants flower in August and September.

How does it reproduce?

Leucadendron rubrum is wind- pollinated. Seeds are kept in the cones until after the next fire.

Where is it found?

It grows on mountain slopes throughout the Cape Floristic Region at altitudes from 250 to 1500 metres.

How is it used?

The cones are used in the dried- flower industry.


[Red List: ]

This species is listed as not threatened in the SANBI Red List of South African Plants. Even so, there are concerns surrounding the species, and there have been suggestions that it requires monitoring.