Leucadendron platyspermum






platyspermum – meaning ‘plate-seed’

Common name:

Platy, Platy Star,Tol,Tolle, Plate-seed Conebush

Vulnerability Index Score:




Insects, Seeder

Dried, Fresh

What does the plant look like?

Leucadendron platyspermum is an upright bush with a single stem. It grows up to 1.7 metres tall. The leaves of the male plant are very bright yellow. Leaves of the female plant are light lime-green. The leaves are usually up to 70 mm long and 13 mm wide.

What are the flowers like?

The ripe dark brown cone is very big: up to 50 mm long and 40 mm wide. Plants flower during September.

How does it reproduce?

Leucadendron platyspermum is insect- pollinated. Seeds remain in the cones until after fire and then they are released.

Where is it found?

It is found from Kleinmond to Villiersdorp in the west, and to the Agulhas Plain in the south. It grows in both sand and gravel.

How is it used?

Green, unripe cones are harvested for the European Christmas market.When ripe and brown, the cones are harvested for the dried- flower industry.


[Red List: ]

Leucadendron platyspermum is listed as ‘Vulnerable’. It has been broadcast-sown on a large scale in natural veld in the Southern Overberg and Agulhas Plain. This could have an impact on the diversity.