Threats to Fynbos

About three quarters (or 75%) of South Africa’s threatened plants live in the Fynbos Biome (Le Roux et al. 2012). Most of these plants are endemic to the fynbos. This means that they grow only in the Fynbos Biome and nowhere else on Earth. So, those who work with the fynbos have a responsibility to look after these precious plants.

In the Fynbos Biome:

  • 1,805 plant species are threatened with extinction – 1,745 of these are endemic; and
  • 3,296 plant species are of conservation concern – 3,151 of these are endemic.

Fynbos plants are threatened by:

  • destruction of their habitat – due to urban, agricultural and industrial development;
  • the spread of invasive alien plants;
  • inappropriate agricultural practices;
  • unsustainable picking;
  • too frequent fires.