The Sustainable Harvesting Programme

The Sustainable Harvesting Programme (SHP) was initiated in 2003 in order to protect both the fynbos and people’s jobs that depend on fynbos. Flower Valley Conservation Trust worked with CapeNature, botanists, market experts and the fynbos industry over a period of ten years to develop the SHP.

The SHP provides fynbos harvesters and suppliers with an SHP Toolkit to help them pick fynbos in a responsible manner. It also encourages harvesters to regularly check (or monitor) the fynbos veld, in order to better understand our long-term impacts on the veld.

The SHP Toolkit includes:

  1. The Sustainable Harvesting Programme Code of Best Practice for Wild Harvesters.
  2. A Vulnerability Index, developed specifically for the SHP, which helps identify which species to pick.
  3. Support for obtaining a floral license.
  4. Support with field assessments and surveys of species populations on each property.
  5. Opportunities for training and capacity building.
  6. Support with ongoing research.
  7. Access to a user-friendly database (or record of information) to enable more effective land management planning.

Flower harvesters, fynbos suppliers and landowners may become members of the SHP.