The SHP Code of Best Practice for Wild Harvesters

The Sustainable Harvesting Programme (SHP) Code of Best Practice for Wild Harvesters provides guidelines on:

  • How to pick fynbos with care;
  • Social and labour standards – to improve livelihoods;
  • Complying with South Africa’s laws.

The Code of Best Practice has four principles that protect the environment:

  1. Conserve biodiversity: Fynbos plants are protected by law, especially threatened species. Plants must be given time to grow again after picking.
  2. Use wild fynbos sustainably: Pickers must leave enough fynbos in the veld to allow the plants to recover after harvesting and produce new plants.
  3. Comply with national and provincial regulations: Harvesters and suppliers must obey all relevant laws: protect the veld, pick fynbos legally, and help fynbos businesses sell to
    markets legally.
  4. Have a property management plan: Fynbos suppliers, harvesters and landowners need a plan to make sure that they care for the fynbos at every stage of the business.

The Code of Best Practice also promotes ethical labour practice and improved livelihoods.