Ten Principles of Good Harvesting

Picking teams should follow these Principles of Good Harvesting when picking flowers in the veld, as set out in the SHP Code of Best Practice for Wild Harvesters:

  1. Always have a valid license from CapeNature.
  2. Use maps and know the areas where you are picking.
  3. Avoid damaging species that you are not harvesting.
  4. Never take more than 50% of this year’s flower heads
    or stems from the plant.
  5. Make sure that your secateurs are clean and sharp.
  6. Make sure that you cut the stem at an angle.
  7. Do not leave litter (including twine) in the veld.
  8. Only harvest what you need. Follow market criteria to
    avoid rejects.
  9. Dispose of plant waste properly. Do not dump it in piles
    in the veld.
  10. Keep records of where and how much you have harvested.