Introducing The Field Guide for Wild Flower Harvesting

Many people in the Overberg earn a living from the region’s wild flowers, known as fynbos. Some pick flowers for markets to sell, some remove invasive alien plants, and others are involved in conservation and nature tourism. It is important that people who work in the veld know about fynbos plants. This Field Guide for Wild Flower Harvesting describes 41 of the most popular types of fynbos plants that are picked from our region for the wild flower market. It also provides useful information to support sustainable harvesting in particular and fynbos conservation in general.

Picking flowers has an effect or impact on the veld. If we are not careful, we can damage, or even kill, plants. So, before picking flowers, it is important to ask:

  • What can be picked?
  • How much can be picked?
  • How should flowers be picked?

This guide aims to help people understand:

  • the differences between the many types of fynbos plants that grow in the veld; and
  • which fynbos plants can be picked, and which are scarce and should rather be left in the veld.

This Field Guide is available in all three main languages of the Western Cape, namely Afrikaans, English and isiXhosa.

Authors: Gerhard van Deventer, Dr David Bek, Dr Alice Ashwell

Editors: Heather D’Alton, Ross Turner, Bronwyn Botha, Dr Alex Hughes, Professor Cheryl McEwan