Fynbos Plants of the Agulhas Plain and Beyond

The rest of this Field Guide for Wild Flower Harvesting describes 41 species (or types) of fynbos plants that grow on the Agulhas Plain. These species were selected as they are the most commonly harvested species. Many of these plants also grow in other parts of the Cape Floral Kingdom. They are all harvested for flowers or greens.

The Agulhas Plain is a biodiversity hotspot. Many of the plants that grow here are vulnerable (at risk) because of invasive alien plants, urban and agricultural development, and harvesting. Many plants are endemic (unique) to the area. If they die out here, they cannot be replaced.

There are also some extremely rare types of fynbos vegetation that grow on different soils, e.g. sand fynbos, limestone fynbos, and critically endangered Elim Ferricrete fynbos. Highly threatened renosterveld vegetation also grows on the Agulhas Plain. The natural vegetation in this area needs protection.

The 41 indigenous plant species belong to eight plant families. The plants are grouped first by their family in alphabetical order, starting with the Asteraceae and ending with the Rutaceae.
They are then listed by their genus and species names, in alphabetical order.

Each plant species has a description and a photograph to help you recognise it in the veld. You will find out where each species is most likely to grow. You will also learn which species are common and can be harvested, and which are threatened and should be left in the veld.